Bishop Rudolph McKissick

Bishop Rudolph McKissick Jr. serves as the pastor of the Bethel Baptist Institutional Church in Jacksonville, Florida. He studied at Jacksonville University, Virginia Union University, and United Theological Seminary. He and his wife have three children.

There’s A Sermon In My Scars

It’s time to quit hiding what you have been through. Your scars are a testimony of your survival. John 20

He’s Promoting You, Not Punishing You

You’re going through this storm so you can be ready for what God has in store. Don’t stress over the storm, just take notes. Matthew 14

Lessons In Lesser

Your grace and favor is coming if you believe, stand in faith and declare that you’re ready Genesis 1

You Will Go Through It Until You Get It

You need an uniteruppted and unrivaled prayer life if you want effective growth in God Matthew 14

Shattered Expectations

Expectation creates the atmosphere that allows for miracles to happen Jonah 1

The Dirtiest Word In The Bible

Just because something has been abused doesn’t mean it should be avoided Genesis 3:1-7