Dr. Lance Watson

Dr. Lance Watson serves as the pastor of the 12,000 member Saint Paul's Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia. He studied at Wayne State University, Virginia Union University, and United Theological Seminary. He and his wife have three children.

Stop Tweeting Your Perfect Life

Don’t waste your life impressing other people who were never meant to like you in the first place. Just impress yourself and God. Philippians 2

Getting A Hold On Happiness

You discover happiness via the pathway of humility Philippians 2

It Will Be Worth The Wait

We all experience a season of waiting inbetween our despair and our joy

Can't Let Nothing Bring Me Down

Get the Bible-based prescription for eliminating your stress and finding God’s peace Philippians 4

Let's Be Frenemies

Your friends determine the quality and direction of your life Ecclesiastes 4