Dr. Howard-John Wesley

The Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley is the Senior Pastor of the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA. Dr. Wesley is only the 8th pastor in the 215 year history of the church. He studied at Duke University and Boston University. He is the proud father of two sons.

You’ve Got To Learn To Get Over It

Learn to leave behind what is behind you so that you might press on. The past has no authority over your future. 1 Samuel 16

Do You Still Believe?

Learn how to wait on God without worrying about the outcome of your situation. Your faith is too valuable to let go of. John 11

Every Relationship Won’t Be Reconciled

You’ve got to be willing to cut the cord. Just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean that you need to maintain the connection. Acts 15

A Few Good Things About Hell

God will descend into the depths of any messy situation Acts 2

The Secret of Satisfaction

You will miss the joy God has given you if you constantly pursue possessions Philippians 4