Bishop G.E. Patterson

Bishop G.E. Patterson served as the International Presiding Bishop and the Chief Apostle of the Church of God In Christ. He was educated at William Tyndale College & LeMoyne-Owen College. He and his wife were married for forty years. Bishop Patterson died in 2007.

Go After What You Lost

The devil has no business stealing what you’ve earned. It’s time to recover everything that God has for you. 1 Samuel 30

Church In Trouble

The church needs to learn how to deal with its problems not by retaliating, but by dealing with them the kingdom way. Acts 13

Beware of Meddling Fools

Don’t pay attention to those things that are distracting you from pursuing your purpose. You’ve got too much to live for. Proverbs 20

Healing Of The Man Born Blind

No matter what you were born with, you can be born again. Get the keys to step into your healing. John 9