Delman Coates

Dr. Delman Coates is the senior pastor of the Mount Ennon Baptist Church in Clinton, Maryland. He has studied at Morehouse College, Harvard University, and Columbia University. He and his wife are the proud parents of four children.


When God’s people reflect the nature and the character of God, the nations are going to turn and call you blessed. You need a generous spirit. Romans 8

The Lie God Does Not Love

Nothing can disqualify anyone from the love of God. When we embrace that radical truth we can change the world. Romans 8

Put Down That Spoon

Don’t use your work to mask the things that you are trying to avoid. Get the strength to confront what really matters. Luke 10

Stoning Is A Part of God’s Process

The struggles you go through serve a purpose for your growth. You’re going to come out of this stronger. Acts 14

Stoned But Not Stopped

You might be hated, attacked, and abandoned, but you can always keep going Acts 14