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The Secret Service

When you are saved you belong to a family in which your Father is the highest government official and because of that you are entitled to a unique kind of protection and assistance.
Hebrews 1

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Comment (3)

  1. Thank God for you Man of God…for preaching/teaching the good news…Godly principles…helping to establish the Kingdom of God mindset…in the Family of God! #SecretService

  2. “when you preach, preach this message” the Kingdom!

    I didn’t listen to your sermon, because, I am confident it was not about the Kingdom of God! Which is the good news, which is the only message you should be preaching. A man as intelligent as you are, you should be representing God the correct way! Start preaching the Kingdom Gospel, bring power back in your service and your life, the kingdom gospel, the good news, the government of God. His system, his world, his influence, his Kingdom invading your dough like yeast!

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