You’re On A Hell Date

You can be going through a hellish situation, but you don’t have to make the place of pain permanent. Learn how to push towards better. Judges 16

Killing Me Softly

Be careful not to confuse love with manipulation. Learn powerful lessons on who to trust and confide in. Judges 16

When Reality Sets In

The world is full of people who will use and abuse you. You have to accept the reality in order to conquer it. Luke 9

Revolving Door

Do not allow your past to mess up your present and your future. Some doors need to be closed.

I Am A Husband, Not A Boyfriend

You’ve got to prepare for your future today. Don’t live a life settling for less than what God called you to have.

Some People Are Just For A Season

God will put people in your environment so that they can help you become what you need to be for God. Friendship is never an accident.

Understanding The Male Ego

Get the keys to overcoming one of the greatest relationship hurdles. Don’t let pride and ego defeat what God has ordained.

You Are Not Worth My Future

Don’t let a mistake rob you of your future. Forgiveness will allow you to have the true love you were always meant to have.

4 Relationship Tips We Can Learn From Jay-Z & Beyoncé

by Misha Palmer Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z and his superstar wife Beyoncé have proved that they are indeed force to be reckoned with in the music industry. They have not only managed to capitalize on their talents, but they have created an empire large enough to sustain their children and their children’s children. The two have […]

Ending My Toxic Relationship Changed My Life

If your relationship is not built on a solid foundation it will fail. Learn how to build a relationship on the right principles.