Behind Enemy Lines

All of us have spent time in hostile enviroments behind enemy lines, but the Lord is bringing us through to the otherside through the gift of salvation. Reading:  2 Corinthians 5

You Got Too Much to Lose

There’s alot going on in the world that can impact our walk with the Lord, but if we aren’t careful we can lose sight of our destiny. However, Pastor Charles Goodman preaches that mature Christians know how to keep their emotions in check, so as not to delay their destiny. Reading: Numbers 20

Something Good Will Come Out of This

Your trial and your tragedy are not the end of the story! God is still on our side! Reading: Psalm 4

Always Down for the Cause, Never Down for the Count: Purpose

Lift up your eyes and heart to God and be assured that God will give you the courage to be your best self. Reading: Jude 1:24-25  

Before I Let Go

God wants us to learn how to have the maturity to let some things go. Be encouraged to know that when we release some things, God can shower more blessings on our lives. Acts 15

7 Sermons To Help You Step Into Your Purpose

There are a lot of things that can prevent us from stepping fully into the purpose and plan that God has for our lives, whether we are clinging to un-forgiveness, lusting after the things of the world or giving into fear. God wants you to trust Him as you step into your purpose. We rounded […]

Focus on Faith with Pastor Reginald Sharpe Jr.

The divinity of Christ is shown over and over again in the New Testament. Pastor Reginald Sharpe Jr. breaks down the importance of understanding the divinity of Christ and how to view Him as an example of how we should live and work, so that we can live more purpose driven lives.