Positive Ways to Deal with Overwhelming Stress

by Misha Palmer At some point in our lives we have all experienced some sort of stress, whether simple or life changing, we’ve all had to deal with it – in some ways it’s apart of life.  Some of us have actually mastered getting through the spurts of tough times.  And the rest of us […]

When God Says Yes

If it’s God’s desire to grant your prayers then nothing can hinder Him. Your yes is on the way. 1 Chronicles 4

Bible Study: Everything Is Going To Be Okay

Check out this quick, fun, fresh approach to Bible Study. All of us need to be reminded that God’s got everything under control. James 1

A Prayer For Peace & Affirmation

Learn how to pray your way to a peaceful life. Don’t let the chaos around you keep you from experiencing the God within you.

Renew Your Peace

Learn how to grab hold of an unexplainable peace that will keep you calm in all circumstances. Receive God’s peace today. Philippians 4

Peace of Mind Is Worth Fighting For

Friends and family may not understand why you are making the decisions you are making, but you have to choose peace over everything else.

Learn Ways to De-Clutter and Add a Little Peace To Your Life

by Misha Palmer Is your life in complete disarray? Perhaps you’re constantly finding yourself feeling agitated, confused and unable to make simple everyday decisions. If so, you are not alone. Many of us often find ourselves in sunken places of disharmony with piles of stuff –physically and mentally—just falling on top of us. We find […]

Jesus Prayed For You

The reason you are still here is because Jesus prayed for you. Get tips for your prayer life from the master himself. John 17

Removing The Stones

When you renew your heart and remove the things that corrupt your soul and spirit from within you, you can set things right. Psalm 13

He Didn’t Have To, But I’m Glad He Did

We are justified by faith which means that God extends His grace before He extends justice. The resurrection of Jesus gives us hope for tomorrow. Romans 5