Stop Beating Yourself Up

Too many people blame themselves for their suffering and use that as an excuse to deliberately harm themselves. This message will teach you how to break free from the cycle of pain. Matthew 27

It’s Time For A Change

When struggles of life get stale and depressing know you can turn to God to get the transformation you need. It won’t always be like this. Matthew 13

First Things First

God doesn’t make investments in things which are not in order so always put Him where he deseves to be and He will put you first. Matthew 6

I Don’t Want To Be Left Behind

You can live in church and still be left behind if you don’t know what makes you qualified. It’s time to get right with God if you want to make heaven your home. Matthew 24

It’s A Different World

We need alternative dreams and visions that help us to imagine a better world. Get your hope back today. Matthew 4

The Storm Will Introduce You To God

Storms are not always bad for you. Learn how to find the benefits in this storm season so you can leave better than how you came in. Matthew 14

Can You Save A Child?

Is your faith only strong enough to fix your problems? Or does your faith have the power to transform your whole community? Matthew 17

Just How Close Jesus Is

Jesus wants you to know he is near. There’s no reason for you to ever feel disconnected. Matthew 17

How To Command Your Healing and Deliverance

As long as you remain comfortable in your situation your situation won’t change. When you don’t react you remain a victim. Matthew 11

Suffer To Win

From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series Read: Matthew 16:21-23 Watch: He Won’t Win by Dr. Alyn Waller There are many times in life where we will get distracted by small things. Gossip, focusing on what other people have, relationship issues, and doubt keep us from what that needs our utmost attention – our […]