Soup and Crackers

Never make a permanent decision on a temporary situation because your decision can derail your destiny. Life will hold you accountable. Genesis 25

You’ve Got To Learn To Get Over It

Learn to leave behind what is behind you so that you might press on. The past has no authority over your future. 1 Samuel 16

Just Three Words

God’s love will not let you go no matter where you go. You can hold on to your peace when you learn these three simple words. John 21

Spiritual Warfare

The devil will mess with your life as soon as you get close to your destiny. Learn how to equip yourself for the fight of your life. Matthew 16

There’s A Sermon In My Scars

It’s time to quit hiding what you have been through. Your scars are a testimony of your survival. John 20

Rags & Ropes

God can work a miracle in any situation. Don’t ever tie the meaning and the value of your life to the compromising situation you are going through. Jeremiah 38.