Why Are You Still Up?

How you look at your situation will determine how it looks back at you. Learn how to make your perspective a reflection of your trust in God. Psalm 121

Butlers To Destiny

God will take you on a trip down memory lane just to show you that He’s got a plan for where He’s taking you. Trust the process.

I Lived To Tell About It

Stay faithful in whatever you go through and when things seems to be moving from bad to worse know that God is working it out. He will restore you. Genesis 50

Revolving Door

Do not allow your past to mess up your present and your future. Some doors need to be closed.

You Are Not Worth My Future

Don’t let a mistake rob you of your future. Forgiveness will allow you to have the true love you were always meant to have.

Lord, Don’t Leave Me Like This

Never let God’s visitation go to waste. When God visits you don’t let Him leave you until you claim your blessing and your destiny. Genesis 32

Soup and Crackers

Never make a permanent decision on a temporary situation because your decision can derail your destiny. Life will hold you accountable. Genesis 25

You’ve Got To Learn To Get Over It

Learn to leave behind what is behind you so that you might press on. The past has no authority over your future. 1 Samuel 16

Just Three Words

God’s love will not let you go no matter where you go. You can hold on to your peace when you learn these three simple words. John 21

Spiritual Warfare

The devil will mess with your life as soon as you get close to your destiny. Learn how to equip yourself for the fight of your life. Matthew 16