When God’s people reflect the nature and the character of God, the nations are going to turn and call you blessed. You need a generous spirit. Romans 8

Soup and Crackers

Never make a permanent decision on a temporary situation because your decision can derail your destiny. Life will hold you accountable. Genesis 25

I Don’t Understand Where You’re Coming From

God may give you favor, but you still have to work with it. Don’t let any of God’s blessings go to waste. Genesis 6

Time To Make Some Grape Juice

Learn how to forget about your problems and focus on the provision and the blessings of God. He will take care of you. Numbers 13

God Wants You Healed

It is not in God’s plan for you to be sick. Claim the healing that belongs to you today. John 5

The Enemy Will Attack After Your Elevation

The devil will try to stop you just when God begins to lift you. Learn how to prepare for the assault so you can keep rising. Acts 7

Your Breakthrough Will Bless Your Neighbor

God is going to shake you free from all of the stuff that’s been holding you down so your neighbor can know that God is a deliverer. Acts 16

Lessons In Lesser

Your grace and favor is coming if you believe, stand in faith and declare that you’re ready Genesis 1