The Power of the Cross and the Blood

There is still power in the cross and the blood of Jesus. When you need a situation transformed you know where to turn. Hebrews 12

When God Hits The Pause Button

God will regualte your pace and stop you when you don’t stop yourself. Let God restore you so that you can progress to a higher elevation. Psalm 23


We ought to be producers of holiness because the seed of holiness is what was deposited in us. Learn how to make everything in your life depict God. John 12

Daily Devotion – September 11, 2017

Morning Motivation: God will put you where you do not want to be to give you what you couldn’t get anywhere else. Trust His placement. Read:¬†Genesis 2:15: And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. The truth is that God has […]

Saving Sabbath

Have you set aside time for your own personal restoration? It’s time to take seriously the practice of Sabbath. Exodus 20

First Things First

God doesn’t make investments in things which are not in order so always put Him where he deseves to be and He will put you first. Matthew 6

Delivered From The Lion’s Mouth

God is able to deliver you from all that the devil may try. Satan’s evil power should not keep you in bondage any longer. 2 Timothy 4

When God Says Yes

If it’s God’s desire to grant your prayers then nothing can hinder Him. Your yes is on the way. 1 Chronicles 4

Lord, Don’t Leave Me Like This

Never let God’s visitation go to waste. When God visits you don’t let Him leave you until you claim your blessing and your destiny. Genesis 32


When God’s people reflect the nature and the character of God, the nations are going to turn and call you blessed. You need a generous spirit. Romans 8