Shareeff De La Cruz

Shareeff De La Cruz is a gifted voice for the 21st Century. His life story, his work, and his vision are set to motivate the masses with an emphasis on young adults and youth to overcome adversity and to embrace the comeback season in their lives. He is a graduate of Morehouse College and Beulah Heights Bible College.

You Were Supposed To Be Dead

When God says this is your season everything will come to back to life. And you won’t even have a memory of the dead moments. John 11


We ought to be producers of holiness because the seed of holiness is what was deposited in us. Learn how to make everything in your life depict God. John 12

Just As I Am

If you ever felt like God did love you or you’ve done too much wrong that you will never be accepted. This message is for you. John 8

Revolving Door

Do not allow your past to mess up your present and your future. Some doors need to be closed.

You Are Not Worth My Future

Don’t let a mistake rob you of your future. Forgiveness will allow you to have the true love you were always meant to have.