ROHO Is Transforming Lives By Giving Believers Biblical Truth

Roho, is a Christian app connecting believers to Biblical truth that directly applies to all areas of their lives. People come to Roho, because it’s a trusted space for guidance when it comes to finances, relationships, health and life purpose. The Roho user is receiving easily accessible sermons, weekly devotionals and prayers that speak to whatever situation they are going through.

Powerful sermons like this one, “Every Relationship Won’t Be Reconciled” by Dr. Howard-John Wesley of Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA  are giving people real tangible advice on how to experience God’s forgiveness in their relationships.

Messages like this one from Dharius Daniels, of One Church in New Jersey, “Protect Your Purpose,” is helping people tune into God’s plan for their lives.

Or this Word on healing, “Your Faith Has Made You Whole” by Dr. Cynthia Hale of Ray Of Hope Christian Church in Decatur, Georgia is helping people experience the wholeness and healing that comes from putting our faith and trust God.

We receive testimony after testimony of how Roho is transforming people’s lives by enriching their relationships with Christ. You can join this rapidly growing community of believers by signing up for our daily newsletter.

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