Roho Is The Go To Religious App For Busy New Yorkers

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Roho, is a religious app for daily inspiration to get you through the hustle that is New York. The app is meant to meet people where they are, whether a busy New Yorker or a minster looking to reach a larger audience beyond their regular congregation. Some of the most popular New York ministers are apart of Roho,  everyone from Michael A. Walrond Jr. of First Corinthians Baptist Church to Dr. Calvin O. Butts III of Abyssinian Baptist Church.

Founder, Nicholas Richards is a native New Yorker and former minister, his work sits at the intersection of tech, religion and culture. His vision is the make sure that Roho is constantly speaking to the needs of people no matter their circumstance. Since the site’s inception, over 7 million sermons have been viewed, securing it’s place as a much needed resource for those seeking uplifting spiritual content on the go.

On a daily basis you’ll find new sermons, devotionals, prayers and culture post to help you navigate through the busyness of New York City.

“I want to grow as a Christian and become a better man. I’m focused on building my future and being in fellowship with Christians both men and women my age, With my busy work schedule Roho provides an opportunity for me to stay connected with God when I can’t make it to service on Sunday or when I have to miss church social events. Roho helps me stay connected and inspired,” Lee, 31, Financial Analyst.

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