Roho Is A Spiritual Life Guide At Your Finger Tips

Many people find themselves walking away from church on Sundays feeling lost, alone and confused on how to apply the sermon they’ve just heard to their daily lives.

However, Roho, a religious app wants to make sure that you receive sermons, daily devotionals and prayers that directly speak to your situation. We’ve done the work of curating content that addresses relationship and financial needs, as well as addresses questions on purpose and deliverance. You’ll find a sermon on Roho to apply to almost everything you might be going through. People across the U.S. are using Roho to help navigate through life’s challenging moments.

Founder, Nicholas Richards is a native New Yorker and former minister, his work sits at the intersection of tech, religion and culture. His vision is the make sure that Roho is constantly speaking to the needs of people no matter their circumstance. Since the site’s inception, over 7 million sermons have been viewed, making it clear that people want access to spiritual content at their finger tips.

“I want as much of the Word as possible. I need confirmation about my life and the life of people closest to me. I want to be able to give advice. I need help with recommendations.”

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