Roho Is Providing The Hope People Need To Move Forward

We live in a culture where we are constantly bombarded with messages that can leave us discouraged. People everywhere are seeking hope. Roho, a Christian app is providing users with daily sermons, weekly devotionals and prayers that send inspirational messages of hope and help them get through whatever situation they may be going through, whether job loss or relational dysfunction.

Users can find sermons like this one, “Your Day Will Come,” by Bishop G.E. Patterson of Church of God In Christ in Memphis, Tennessee to help them apply a more hopeful approach to their career and life.

Additionally, users can find a host of sermons on purpose to help them shift their perspective like this one, “Invisible Prison” by Pastor Dharius Daniels of the Change Church in New Jersey.

Roho receives testimony after testimony of how this digital ministry is transforming their lives by proving a sense of hope at their fingertips.

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