Positive Ways to Deal with Overwhelming Stress

by Misha Palmer

At some point in our lives we have all experienced some sort of stress, whether simple or life changing, we’ve all had to deal with it – in some ways it’s apart of life.  Some of us have actually mastered getting through the spurts of tough times.  And the rest of us are probably still trying to figure out how to cope with the daily ebbs and flows that often ignite those pesky mental breakdowns and a slew of health and personal issues. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  In fact, a little stress is actually healthy.  It allows our mind to acknowledge that something isn’t right, sort of like a trigger if you will.  But when those moments come storming down like a meteor shower, just coping can become a major task.  So here are some positive ways to help you deal with stress when it becomes overwhelming.

The first thing anyone who is feeling very stressed needs to do is, stop and acknowledge it. When you ignore exactly how you are feeling, you are doing yourself a big disservice.  Nothing good can come out of pretending as if there’s nothing bothering you.  Give your stress a description and figure out what’s causing these emotions. The easiest way to do that is to write it out.  Sometimes when these feelings intensify, our thoughts have a way of getting jumbled and becoming unable to articulate.  When that happens, we end brushing things off and aside and not dealing with the issues.  They can then begin to manifest into other hurtful things wrecking havoc in your life.

Meditation we know is a very helpful life tool.  When you are experiencing great amounts of stress, mediation is great to know and have handy.  It allows us to refocus, get centered, and clear the path of confusion to hear exactly what God needs us to hear.  When life gets to be too much, many times it’s because we’re not listening to God.  Mediation will help calm our souls.  It will help quiet the noise of the world to get a word from the source of creation.

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Prayer changes things.  Rather than inflict depression on yourself by being bogged down by mental pressure, pray and ease your burdens. “Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4: 6-7 Rather than worry, which changes nothing, hold steadfastly to Gods unchanging hand. And release all you cares.

“Cast your burdens on the Lord, and he shall sustain you; he shall never permit the righteous to moved.” Psalm 55:22

And while we know the mental and emotional toll stress can have, we often neglect the detrimental impact it can be to our physical health.  Many times people find themselves physically sick because of stress – from simple breakouts on the skin to more serious migraines, high blood pressure and more. Listen, stress is nothing to play around with.  During those moments of strain in your life, make sure you are getting enough sleep.  Rest is vital to our health and our mental states. Turn your brain off and allow your body to full recharge. You are better equipped to handle to storms and stress when you can operate at full capacity.

And make sure you are consuming a balanced diet and not feeding on sugar to try to soothe your woes.  It might initially feel good to binge on ice cream and chocolate cake when anxiety is through the roof, but it’s not what you body needs nor really wants. You don’t want to create a pattern of unhealthy eating that will have a long-lasting effect on you health.

So while stress may never completely go away, and may sometimes rears it’s ugly head in our lives, we don’t have to fall victim to the negative things that can happen as a result.  We can tackle the pressures of life in positive ways.

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About The Author

Misha Palmer Misha is a fashion devotee who spends her days putting in long hours for a major fashion powerhouse. And although a lover of style, she passionately spends her nights moonlighting as lifestyle/spiritual writer on varies online outlets, which allows her to her write about subjects very close and personal to her heart.

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