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6 Tips to Dating After Divorce

by Misha Palmer Choosing to part ways with your spouse for unforeseen reasons, going through a divorce is never easy.  It can be one of the most challenging and emotionally draining experiences ever. But life doesn’t end with the big D.  For some it can be a jumpstart to something new. So while traumatic as […]

To Be a Coffee Bean

by Rev. Dr. Susan Smith I listened to a presentation given by a young man who took some wrong turns in his life, was sentenced to what was virtually a life sentence in prison, but who got out after seven years. He was a drug addict who had gotten into criminal behavior in order to […]

Are You Faced With Starting Over? It’s OK!

by Misha Palmer Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you thought you had everything figured out? And although life may not be 100% perfect, you’ve somehow managed to land the job you’ve always wanted.  You’ve been able to keep your bank account thriving and in the black.  You’re credit score […]

Understanding The Male Ego

Get the keys to overcoming one of the greatest relationship hurdles. Don’t let pride and ego defeat what God has ordained.

4 Ways To Rekindle Romance in Your Starving Marriage

by Misha Palmer It’s always a beautiful thing when two people can come together, share their love with one another and enter into the sacred covenant of marriage. Who doesn’t love, love? But maintaining that love isn’t always simple.  Although getting to “I Do” is a piece of cake, it’s upholding and remembering everything else […]

5 Things Not to Do After a Break-Up

by Misha Palmer Breaking up is indeed hard to do. Let’s face it, we’ve all been dumped a time or two and have experienced traumatizing heartbreak from losing that special someone. Everyone can agree that being on the opposite end of hearing “it’s over” is not only jilting, it can be devastating. The feelings that […]

We Are Family

“We Are Family,” a song made popular in 1979 by the hit group, Sister Sledge, pays homage to strong family values and the appreciation of close-knit family. This particular song created an air of euphoria and for those of us that sang alongside Sister Sledge – we identified with family through their lyrics. It’s no secret […]

It’s Complicated

Sometimes your relationship with God will force you into a place of deep questioning. Learn how to hold on to faith in moments of doubt. Lamentations 3

I Am The Bread of Life

Jesus is our soul food and the only way to feed our souls is to have a transformational relationship with him. John 6

Suffer To Win

From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series Read: Matthew 16:21-23 Watch: He Won’t Win by Dr. Alyn Waller There are many times in life where we will get distracted by small things. Gossip, focusing on what other people have, relationship issues, and doubt keep us from what that needs our utmost attention – our […]