Bishop Noel Jones

Bishop Noel Jones is the senior pastor of the 17,000 member City of Refuge in Gardena, California. Bishop Jones attended Aenon Bible College. He is the proud parent of three children and three grandchildren.

It’s Not Over Yet

God has not called us to give up prematurely. You can endure longer than you think. Psalm 42

God Is Setting You Free

Whenever you come into contact with the Holy Spirit there are going to be some changes in your life. Get ready to break free. 2 Corinthians 3

Give Me Mercy Not Justice

By justice we are all guity and irredeemable but through God’s mercy we have a chance to be called His children once more. You want mercy, not justice. Psalm 51

Lord, Don’t Leave Me Like This

Never let God’s visitation go to waste. When God visits you don’t let Him leave you until you claim your blessing and your destiny. Genesis 32

Jesus Prayed For You

The reason you are still here is because Jesus prayed for you. Get tips for your prayer life from the master himself. John 17

Take The Risk

Your relationship with God will alter your view of yourself so you can walk in a higher calling. Reading: Matthew 25