Look to God for Help

by Min. Andre Gilford

From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series

Read: Genesis 32:14

Watch: Lord, Don’t Leave Me Like This

I’m typically the type of person who does not like to ask for help. I could be completely clueless on what I am doing, yet my pride will not let me give in and ask for help. It takes a failure, or two, to make me realize that I need what I despise the most: help.

In the text, Jacob had come to a decisive moment in his life: the moment that would define his destiny. He had wrestled all of his life for credibility, attempting to squeeze what he could out of what he was given. Yet, all of it failed, because he did not recognize the source of his help. He failed to acknowledge that in God, he could have everything he needed, plus more.

Does this sound like you? We often pursue things of this world to make us happy: a good partner, several degrees, a house, a car, all in hopes of receiving what our heart desires. Yet, we forget that God is the source of all our help. In the darkness of the midnight hour, when we are wrestling with life’s troubles, it is God and God alone that can offer us restoration to be what we were meant to be.

In Christ alone, my hope is found . . .

Pray: Comforter and keeper, you are a help of ages past, a solid rock and a mighty fortress. Grant me the wisdom to seek your counsel in all that I do and say. In the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

About The Author

Andre Gilford Andre Gilford Jr is a seminarian, high school teacher, and writer from Detroit committed to the gospel of love and justice for all.

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