Let Us Love Each Other Through Fellowship

From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series

by Min. Andre Gilford

Read: Acts 2:46-47

Watch: The Fruitfulness of Fellowship by Pastor Alyn Walker

Well-seasoned crab legs and slow-smoked barbecue ribs spread out on the table. Old school music filling the tree-lined atmosphere. Laughter and chatter competing with each other. This was my family reunion in Little Rock, Arkansas, just a few weeks ago. Being able to just be and have a good time with my family from those I’ve grown up with and those I’ve never know was one of the peaks of my summer. There is something magical about fellowship.

But, how often do we take these moments for granted. Even within our churches, we get encumbered with all of the things to do: choir rehearsal, church meetings, bible study, youth programs, etc. We often lose sight of the real reason we gather: to edify and build up each other. It is our love for God and each other that makes the Church vibrant and full of life. It is that love as demonstrated in the way we treat each other that makes the world ask, “what manner of man is this?”

Acts 2:46-47 gives us a simple way to build and grow our community of faith and that is through true fellowship. With “glad and generous hearts,” we must break bread with each other and give praise to God through our fellowship. In a dark and sin-weary world, let our fellowship be the light of love that the world needs so desperately.


Beloved God,

Oh, how grateful I am that you are the restorer of fellowship.

Bring your children together, O God

And bind us as one;

Against all inclination to division;

In the name of our Savior, Jesus,


About The Author

Andre Gilford Andre Gilford Jr is a seminarian, high school teacher, and writer from Detroit committed to the gospel of love and justice for all.

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