Bishop Joseph Walker

Bishop Joseph Walker III is the International Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship and the Senior Pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, TN.

When God Hits The Pause Button

God will regualte your pace and stop you when you don’t stop yourself. Let God restore you so that you can progress to a higher elevation. Psalm 23

First Things First

God doesn’t make investments in things which are not in order so always put Him where he deseves to be and He will put you first. Matthew 6

Deal With The Demons

Everything that uses God’s language isn’t on God’s side. Learn how to improve your spirit of discernment. Acts 16

You’re Unstoppable

No matter what comes to you God has given you the capacity to exceed all expectations. Learn how to stay undefeated. Genesis 49

Soup and Crackers

Never make a permanent decision on a temporary situation because your decision can derail your destiny. Life will hold you accountable. Genesis 25

From Tears To A Testimony

God is the only who’s able to turn your mourning into dancing. He’s got a plan for your pain. Psalm 30