Is this 34-Year Old Minister Creating a Facebook for Church?

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Offended by the type of commercials that played while enjoying a sermon one night online was the strike of lightening genius that lit the fire for Nicholas Richards. In that very moment his entrepreneurial spirit once again kicked in and he knew he had to do something. Thus Roho was born, the leading black Christian site for ministers to share their sermons, devotionals and faith-based content with users looking for daily inspiration at all times without the fluff of the secular world.


As assistant pastor and a leader of the historic Abyssinian Baptist Church located in Harlem, New York, Richards was ready to pour himself into the creation of Roho from both a ministerial and user perspective. He was eager to position and prove himself to be an industry expert in the future of religion and the Christian experience. Knowing that the world revolves around technology and the massive use of tech devices, Richards knew he had to merge the two worlds — tech and religion—even if many in the religious world couldn’t see it.
“Although it may be difficult for many to see my vision, as someone who loves the church and understand the fast-pace in which the tech world moves — along with the many benefits — I knew I had to bridge the gap between the two worlds,” says Richards. He knew exactly what he was up against knowing that the work was now cut out for him to bring his vision to life.

Nicholas Richard has since been featured not only in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and on NBC News, but on many other media outlets offering compelling commentary on subject matter deeply affecting the African-American community.


He has also been an on-going contributor on the widely popular online publication, The Huffington Post. He has also launched many successful initiatives across the globe to help the plight of black people from Haiti to Africa.  Richards is no stranger to pushing past boundaries and hard work, and has since proved it.


After stepping down from the pulpit to create and grow Roho, Richards has managed to not only show the relevancy of a site like Roho, but exponentially grow it in just two short years with over 3.1 million monthly impressions. And it continues to grow as countless users and ministers embrace the effectiveness of the site.


People want to be able to go to church at any given moment on their phones.  Everyone wants everything quick, fast, and now – Nicholas Richards’ vision is delivering just that.

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