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I Just Wanna See You Stripped

We need to let go of the things that hinder us from experiencing our destiny. We hold on to things that we think are valuable while we lose a grip on our purpose.
Hebrews 12

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  1. Morning Motivation: “Get rid of everything that is weighing you down. Don’t hold on to any piece of your old life. Get to your goal.”
    Good Morning,

    The other day, one of my high school students got up to run out of the classroom. With speed I had never seen in my life, he bolted out of the classroom, legs moving with such precision. I gave him permission to go get some snacks from the cafeteria and he did not waste any time. He left his books, his phone, and his book-bag because of a deep inclination to satisfy his stomach from hunger. He focused on what was important and left the baggage behind.

    In life, we often allow our baggage to keep us from attaining the promises of God–those things that will help us live more abundant lives. Stress, lack of self-esteem, popular opinion, greed, and other distractions weigh us down as we try to run this race of life. How can we be successful in getting to the finish line, if we are bogged down with so many worthless things? The energy that it takes to carry those things often take us away from the things that make life beautiful: joy, peace, and love.

    But, God has a way of stripping us to our core. The storms of life help to recalibrate us back to where we need to be. God wants to see us stripped so that we can serve God and God’s people better. As God strips us, God renews our capacity to reach the prize of the high calling. (Philippians 3:14) God is making you into something better and stronger for God’s purpose.

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