Dr. Howard-John Wesley

The Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley is the Senior Pastor of the historic Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA. Dr. Wesley is only the 8th pastor in the 215 year history of the church. He studied at Duke University and Boston University. He is the proud father of two sons.

It’s Not Over

The grave has no power over Jesus. Just when we think it is over, Jesus reminds us there is more life after what we thought was a dead situation. Reading: Matthew 27

Behind Enemy Lines

All of us have spent time in hostile enviroments behind enemy lines, but the Lord is bringing us through to the otherside through the gift of salvation. Reading:  2 Corinthians 5

The Next Season of Your Life

What do we do when we feel physically and emotionally depleted? Go to God’s Word to see how we can overcome our moments of exhaustion to enter into our next season. Exodus 33

Get Me Out of Here

Sometimes there are moments when we feel with are stuck and need God’s delivering power. It is appropriate to cry out to God for help. Jonah 1

It Ain’t That Easy

Forgiveness is always a difficult concept to display, especially when we are deeply hurt and confused. Jesus provides us with the best example of forgiveness in seemingly unforgivable circumstances. Luke 23:34

Before The Birth

God can use anyone. It doesnt matter how low you have been, you are not too low to be used by God to make a better world. Matthew 1

When Reality Sets In

The world is full of people who will use and abuse you. You have to accept the reality in order to conquer it. Luke 9