Here Are 7 Sermons To Help You Activate Your Faith

Life can present plenty of daily trials and tribulations, which can cause us to question the promises of God. However, where there are challenges God wants to take our faith walk to the next level. On the other side of our doubt there is blessing when we choose to activate our faith. Here are some sermons to help you firm up your trust in God.

1.You can transform the norms of your small living when you demonstrate the faith to be next. Even when you don’t see it happening now a risk taking faith will help you believe in better possibilities.
Reading: Luke 8 

2.You can be well again. The question is do you want to be healed? Learn how to act your faith and get the healing you desire.
Reading: Mark 5

3.When God made us He made us special and had us in mind. We should first and foremost think about what God was doing and stop worrying about our enemies.
Psalm 23

4.Storms are not always bad for you. Learn how to find the benefits in this storm season so you can leave better than how you came in.
Matthew 14

5. God has already defined you and your destiny. Don’t compromise your worship and forget to acknowledge His power and ability when your faith is put to the test.
Reading: Daniel 3

6. Your faith is the only thing that can hold you up in this battle for life. Learn the secret to getting your strength back.
Reading: Isaiah 7

7.Learn to put your trust in something that can’t be broken. Even when you have frustrated faith you can turn to God.
Reading: Daniel 3

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