Here Are 5 Sermons To Help You Overcome Rejection

We have all experienced some sort of rejection in our lives, whether by a close friend or a coworker. Rejection can cause all types of emotions to arise everything from pain to anger. However, we rounded up a few sermons to help you navigate from rejection to the love and acceptance that comes from knowing Christ. 

1.Here’s how to handle experiencing closed doors in your life. 

Reading: Luke 9, Matthew 10

2. What to do when you’ve been rejected by God. 

Reading: 1 Samuel 15

3. Here’s how to handle rejection at church.

Reading: Psalm 55

4. Here’s how to receive the love of God after rejection. 

Reading: John 1:10-12

5. Here’s some confirmation that God values you despite the rejection you might be going through. 

Reading: 1 Samuel 37: 7-15

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