Here Are 5 Sermons To Help You Experience The Power Of God’s Redemption

It is refreshing to know that we serve a God of redemption, all He ask is that we trust Him. He is able to redeem lost time, money and relationships. While society may tell us that once something is lost it’s forever gone, God wants us to lean on Him when we are concerned if we’ll ever be able to recover those lost things or people in our lives. We rounded up five sermons to help you walk in the power of God’s redemption:

1. God can use anyone. It doesn’t matter how low you have been, you are not too low to be used by God to make a better world.  Reading: Matthew 1

2. It’s time for you to reclaim everything the devil tried to steal from you. Your comeback is         closer than you think. Reading:1 Samuel 30        

3. Thank God that your last attack was not permanent. The only reason you have a new attack is because you have a history of survival. Read: John 12

4. Even in your calamity God will hold you together. Read: Psalm 107

5. God specializes in showing up in the worst of situations. This Christmas sermon reminds us that it’s never to dark for God’s light to shine bright. Read: Luke 2

We’d love to hear how these sermons are encouraging you today. Please feel free to share you your testimony below.

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