God is Our Strength

by Min. Andre Gilford

From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional
Watch: Blessing in Bethesda by Pastor Howard-John Wesley
Read: John 5:1-15

This weekend, thousands of people suffered as a result of Hurricane Harvey. This hurricane wrecked havoc in the lives of people who were just trying to live their lives. Many of them did not see it coming and others were not prepared. What is important to note is the amount of loss that many of these people experienced: loss of shelter, loss of security, and even loss of lives. This natural disaster has placed an uncertain amount of strain on people in Houston and throughout the Gulf Coast.

In moments like these, when life’s next steps are uncertain and when all seems to have been lost, our source of strength come from God. In the story of the sick man at Bethesda, we see that drawing close to God can provide healing and restoration beyond our wildest dreams. Even when things around us are going amuck, we can find safety and security in the peace of God that God will indeed make a way out of no way. It is in this faith and unwavering assurance that we extend our hands to Houston, praying that God will comfort and restore those who have been affected directly and indirectly by Hurricane Harvey.

Pray: God of our weary years,
We know that when we are weak,
You are a source of strength;
When we give up,
You step in and lift us up.
We ask that you will lift those up
Who are hurting and experiencing lost;
Restore them, as only you can.
In the name of Jesus, our Savior,

About The Author

Andre Gilford Andre Gilford Jr is a seminarian, high school teacher, and writer from Detroit committed to the gospel of love and justice for all.

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