Get Well

by Min. Andre Gilford

From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series

Watch the Sermon: Who Do You Think You Are? by Pastor Dharius Daniels

Read: Proverbs 23:7: For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. “Eat and drink!” he says to you, But his heart is not with you.

In our society, there is a large focus on how much one can produce. We spend a lot of time thinking about someone’s class status, money, occupation, aesthetics, and even how one talks. We judge people based on what they can do and not who they are. Often, one’s value is inextricably tied to how much we see as success. This can lead down a dark path pulling us to focus less on improving ourselves, but more on how we present ourselves, while inside we are falling apart. The lies we tell ourselves all the time are simply quick-fixes to the deep brokenness that we have experienced.

Proverbs 23:7 speaks about this from a lens of divine wisdom. What is deep in our hearts has the capacity to show up in our lives, no matter how you have attempted to create your own presentation. The issues that are deep in your heart does not always line up with what you may say. And believe, or not, others can see it. “For as he thinks, so is he” means that what is in your heart and mind makes up the entirety of who you are; not your appearance, not how much money you make, not even your status in society. Whatever you think, you will become. Whatever you hold on to in your heart will be manifested in your life.

Yet, in Christ, we have an opportunity to be set free from that deep misery. The first step is to be honest with yourself and present yourself before God, raw and without filter, so that God can clean you up and make you anew. God has promised to those who believe, that God will set you free from whatever chains that may bind you. God is waiting for you to take the first step to be free from bondage. Do the work within, with the help of God, so that beauty and joy may be manifest in your life.

Pray: God of love, I want to be made well. I want to be whole. Help me to stop ignoring my issues and lay them at your feet. I seek to live in complete joy this year. In the name of Christ, my savior and redeemer, Amen.

About The Author

Andre Gilford Andre Gilford Jr is a seminarian, high school teacher, and writer from Detroit committed to the gospel of love and justice for all.

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