Forgive Your Health Might Depend On It: 5 Benefits Of Forgiving

Did you know unforgiveness and ultimately take years off your life? Throughout the Bible we can find scriptures that challenge us to take captive every thought in obedience to Christ. When we do not obey the Word to keep us righteous, holy and at peace we run the risk of negatively impacting our health. Unforgiveness, can be at the root of so many health issues.  Here is just a few examples of how deeply embedded unforgiveness can manifest itself:

    1.  Unforgiveness can possibly cause depression, stemming from an event from the past that one chooses to live in and not move forward from in their life.
    2. Unforgiveness can present itself as the person constantly being a victim, based on a past event, which produces constant stress in ones life, leading to high blood pressure and suppressed immune system to name just a few impacts.

However, Dr. Veda Johnson of All Things Natural Wellness Center in Maryland has mapped how we choose to reclaim our health when we push past offense to freedom.

Here are 5 benefits of forgiveness:

      1.  Peace that transcends all understanding (Meaning:  you can’t understand why you are not loosing you mind , you are calm in your spirit, thoughts and actions)
      2. Joy deep in your soul (Meaning:  An excitement and deep happiness that can be expressed in calmness of heart, or in exuberance)
      3. Freedom to live beyond your feelings.  (Meaning:  You are not on the roller coaster of feelings all day long, day in and day out)
      4. Self Esteem will grow.  Because when you know who you are everything changes.
      5. Love will begin to grow in your heart for yourself and for others.

Christ made it simple by giving us the answers up front for all circumstances including unforgiveness.  Follow Christ’s words, make the necessary changes to make your life worth living and to be healthy.

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