ROHO Becomes Fastest Growing Black Christian Website

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With just two short years under its belt, the popular Christian based site Roho has seen tremendous growth since its humble inception in 2015.  Started as a small vehicle to share great religious content, it has steadily become a powerhouse in the world of worship and ministry. The site allows pastors to not only share their sermons, but to engage with users through devotionals and prayers.

In a world filled with finicky Internet users constantly looking for the next best thing, the now largest black Christian site has solidified its place in the space of networking and content sharing. Roho is in fact the next best thing, and their transcending numbers prove it.


Roho already has well over 7,000,000 watched sermons from hundreds of pastors and ministers currently on the site, which successfully pulls in over 2 million users a month.  Its social media presence continues to flourish with channels like their Facebook almost 1 million follwers and and email lists reaching hundreds of thousands of subscribers daily.

With more and more people looking for inspiration and motivation constantly on a daily basis, Roho strives to continue growing as they set records in the difficult territory of online media.  For many, it is a one-stop shop for all their spiritual needs on the go.  An avid Roho user Brittany Samuels from Daytona, Florida says, “I like the on-demand experience of Roho and I like being able to find what I am looking for quickly.  I am able to see right away if a sermon is something I am interested in often times by the topic it’s categorized under.”
So many people are searching for the sort of content that Roho is able to share.  This simply proves that the site is definitely here to not only stay but to grow passed surmountable numbers. 

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