Daily Devotion – September 11, 2017

Morning Motivation: God will put you where you do not want to be to give you what you couldn’t get anywhere else. Trust His placement.

Read: Genesis 2:15: And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

The truth is that God has a funny way of putting God’s children in peculiar places. We often feel lost, confused, and sometimes even betrayed when God places us in certain situations. Some of us can’t even look forward to the week ahead because we’re stuck in a peculiar place and don’t understand why. But living the life of faith means trusting that God put you where you are with a greater purpose in mind. Today’s sermon teaches us that God will put you where you do not want to be so that God can give you something you can’t get anywhere else. The greatest blessings in life are found in peculiar places.

There are some blessings you can get while you’re sitting in paradise, but there are greater blessings you can only receive once you learn how to survive the storm. In this season you have to decide that what God has for you is worth working for. As you enter a tough week don’t put your focus on the struggle, but instead try placing your focus on the reward that you will reap. Take a strategy from the playbook of the Apostle Paul and, “look at what cannot yet be seen.”

Watch Today’s Sermon: He Knows Where I Am by Dr. Sean McMillan

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