Pastor Cory Benson

Pastor Cory D. Benson serves as the senior pastor of the Wakefield Missionary Baptist Church in Zebulon, North Carolina.

Pay Day Is On The Way

When God made us He made us special and had us in mind. We should first and foremost think about what God was doing and stop worrying about our enemies. Psalm 23

I Don’t Want To Be Left Behind

You can live in church and still be left behind if you don’t know what makes you qualified. It’s time to get right with God if you want to make heaven your home. Matthew 24

I Can Still Feel It

You might not be able to see what the Lord is doing, but if you learn how to pay attention you can begin to feel the mighty move of God working in your life. Luke 24

Is The Lord Really Your Shepherd?

Following God has great benefits. You can walk with your chest out when God is your shephered because He will protect you from everything. Psalm 23

I Still Believe

Learn how to still believe in God’s word despite what you had to go through. It’s not about getting faith, it’s about holding on to it. John 14

Somebody Prayed For Me

You are where you are because somebody prayed for you. The more we pray for each other the more power we will receive. 1 Samuel 1