The Power of the Cross and the Blood

There is still power in the cross and the blood of Jesus. When you need a situation transformed you know where to turn. Hebrews 12

It Won’t Always Be Like This

You will not remain the same. No matter what you are going through you have to trust that God has better in store. Psalm 126

The Faith To Be Next

You can transform the norms of your small living when you demonstrate the faith to be next. Even when you don’t see it happening now a risk taking faith will help you believe in better possibilities. Luke 8

When God Hits The Pause Button

God will regualte your pace and stop you when you don’t stop yourself. Let God restore you so that you can progress to a higher elevation. Psalm 23

Confidence In Crisis

When God says He will do something He will surely do it. You have to walk into every challenge with a confidence that knows God’s power. Daniel 6


We ought to be producers of holiness because the seed of holiness is what was deposited in us. Learn how to make everything in your life depict God. John 12

I Need God To Get Involved

You can’t just go to church to meet God. You need to get God involved in every aspect of your life on a daily basis. John 2

I Choose To Die

We have to die in self denial to develope a routine of discipleship. Only then can we rise up in Jesus. Luke 9

There’s A Story Behind My Praise

Don’t worry about people who judge your worship. They don’t understand the testimony that gave birth to your praise. Psalm 118

Are You Jealous?

We have to be committed to the spiritual practice of confronting the truth of ourselves. It’s time to defeat the spirit of Trump. Numbers 11