Living Beyond The Label

Don’t be content with the labels that the devil has put on you. Learn how to envision greater things for yourself and live beyond what people call you. 1 Chronicles 4

Pay Day Is On The Way

When God made us He made us special and had us in mind. We should first and foremost think about what God was doing and stop worrying about our enemies. Psalm 23

God’s Prescription For Your Problems

Rejoice always because God will never allow anything to enter your life that He has not prepared you for. Philippians 4


No matter what you are going through do not be persuaded otherwise, the heavens have a secret for you. Do not let go till you find it. Daniel 2

It’s Time For A Change

When struggles of life get stale and depressing know you can turn to God to get the transformation you need. It won’t always be like this. Matthew 13

Are You All In?

You can choose to go half way or walk completely in your purpose. Have you fully commited your life to God’s will in your life? 1 Kings 19

You Were Supposed To Be Dead

When God says this is your season everything will come to back to life. And you won’t even have a memory of the dead moments. John 11

There Is No Better Time Than Right Now

You may lose a lot of things in life, but you should never lose your faith. Learn how to seize the next big thing God is doing in your life. Joshua 18

Falling Forward

God will always pick you up when you fall. Even better you might fall into a bright future. 2 Samuel 12

I Got Goshen Instead

Your failures do not have to have the final say. Learn how to walk out of your pain and into your promise land. Genesis 45