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The Enemy Will Attack After Your Elevation

The devil will try to stop you just when God begins to lift you. Learn how to prepare for the assault so you can keep rising. Acts 7

Jesus Still Wins

You can hang your hope on one fact alone: In the midst of all of the evil going on in the world Jesus still wins. Matthew 28

Tell Yourself You’ve Got What It Takes

The only thing blocking you from accomplishing your goals is your mindset. Learn how to speak victory during the climb. Jeremiah 1

When The Church Catches On Fire

It’s time to rekindle the fire of the holy spirit in the church. Check out this special Pentecost sermon. Acts 2

Protect Your Purpose

Nobody should threaten the plan God has for your life. Learn how to find a man who will support the dream God placed inside of you. Matthew 1

Good Decisions Good Health

What do you feed your body? If your body is holy in God’s sight then your health is important to God too. Daniel 1

Wait On The Wind

God’s about to show up in a whole new way. Don’t look for the same old, be ready for God to blow your mind. 1 Chronicles 14

A New Heaven & A New Earth

It’s time to put on the whole armour of God and get ready to fight. The old world order isn’t going down without a fight. Revelation 21

Keep On Living

Every day of life is miracle of brand new mercy. Celebrate the fact that whatever tried to kill you yesterday didn’t succeed. Exodus 1

Rags & Ropes

God can work a miracle in any situation. Don’t ever tie the meaning and the value of your life to the compromising situation you are going through. Jeremiah 38.