The Significance of Shadows

God is able to shelter us from all harm. Place your satisfaction in the Most God, knowing you are always in the safety and shelter of God. Psalm 91

Don’t Let Christmas Drive You Crazy

The Christmas season doesn’t just bring joy, it brings a lot of grief. If you’re dealing with suffering during the holidays watch this sermon for help.

Your Faith Has Made You Whole

You can be well again. The questiobn is do you want to be healed? Learn how to act your faith and get the healing you desire. Mark 5

We Are Christmas

God calls us to embody the values of Christmas. Speak up when you see suffering so you can transform the world. Isaiah 64 & 2 Corinthians 4

Before The Birth

God can use anyone. It doesnt matter how low you have been, you are not too low to be used by God to make a better world. Matthew 1

A Better Way To Pray

You can’t just live right, you also have to believe right. Learn how to adjust your faith mentality so you can get the results you want from your prayer life. Matthew 6

Forget The Past

God can’t move you into your purpose until you are ready to accept God’s forgiveness. Learn how to finally get over the messiness of your past. Luke 9

David’s Day of Thanksgiving

Each moment of life we have is an opportunity to be thankful to God. 2 Samuel 6

Be The Slingshot

You already have what it takes to defeat any giant in your life. Learn how to use your gifts to get your victory. 1 Samuel 17

You’re On Hell Date

You can be going through a hellish situation, but you don’t have to make the place of pain permanent. Learn how to push towards better. Judges 16