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The Testing of a Survivor

God has already defined you and your destiny. Don’t compromise your worship and forget to acknowledge His power and ability when your faith is put to the test. Daniel 3

You’ve Got The Power

Learn how to get the annointing and the power you need to overcome your enemies. God has placed untapped power inside of you. 1 Chronicles14

How To Save Your Husband

You need to put up with your partner just as God puts up with you. Don’t live with a payback mentality because forgiveness still works. 1 Corinthians 7


When God’s people reflect the nature and the character of God, the nations are going to turn and call you blessed. You need a generous spirit. Romans 8

Soup and Crackers

Never make a permanent decision on a temporary situation because your decision can derail your destiny. Life will hold you accountable. Genesis 25

You’ve Got To Learn To Get Over It

Learn to leave behind what is behind you so that you might press on. The past has no authority over your future. 1 Samuel 16

Just Three Words

God’s love will not let you go no matter where you go. You can hold on to your peace when you learn these three simple words. John 21

The Floor Is No Place For A Champion

Learn how you can take a setback and transform it into a comeback. This is your time to get back and get your victory. 1 Samuel 30

How To Command Your Healing and Deliverance

As long as you remain comfortable in your situation your situation won’t change. When you don’t react you remain a victim. Matthew 11

Stand In Faith Or Don’t Stand At All

Your faith is the only thing that can hold you up in this battle for life. Learn the secret to getting your strength back. Isaiah 7