Roho Is Making Sure God Remains The Center Of Believer’s Lives

Make spending time with the Lord easier with Roho, a Christian app dedicated to providing users with daily sermons, weekly devotionals and prayers. The app is making it easier for believer’s to consistently tune into the Word of God and strengthen their walk with the Lord. Roho subscribers are sent morning text via sms with an […]

Always Down for the Cause, Never Down for the Count

Lift up your eyes and heart to God and be assured that God will give you the courage to be your best self. Reading: Jude 1:24-25

Why Go to Church?

A lot of times the emphasis is on the unseen. However, God sees all and His hands are in all. Reading: Psalm 73:1-17

Roho Is Connecting A Global Community Of Believers

Imagine a global community of Christians serving God together, this is Roho, a Christian app connecting believers from across the world. This app makes hearing a sermon from Michael Waldron of First Corinthians Church in Harlem possible for someone living in L.A. or a powerful message from Dharius Daniels of the Change Church in New Jersey accessible […]

We Are Called To Make A Way

Dr. Otis Moss III puts some historical context into how we’ve seen the sovereignty of God demonstrated throughout history, just as John the Baptist prepared the way. God has and continues to build bridges for us to make it through to the other side. Reading: Mark 1

Growing Bigger, Getting Better

God has a purpose for your life He is able to open up doors you thought couldn’t be opened if you trust and believe in Hime. Reading: Acts 8:4

Here Are 5 Sermons To Help You Overcome Rejection

We have all experienced some sort of rejection in our lives, whether by a close friend or a coworker. Rejection can cause all types of emotions to arise everything from pain to anger. However, we rounded up a few sermons to help you navigate from rejection to the love and acceptance that comes from knowing Christ.  […]