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God’s got a plan that’s going to work all of your trouble out for His good. Learn how to trust the author of your life’s script. Genesis 50

Put Down That Spoon

Don’t use your work to mask the things that you are trying to avoid. Get the strength to confront what really matters. Luke 10

Don’t Give Up Too Soon

Too many people miss the power of God in their lives because they throw in the towel too early. God hasn’t put His hand on the situation yet. Luke 7

Time To Make Some Grape Juice

Learn how to forget about your problems and focus on the provision and the blessings of God. He will take care of you. Numbers 13

Get Your Answer From God

Take your prayer life to the next level. Don’t hold back your concerns. Go to God boldly believing He will answer. Genesis 12

Don’t Stop Until You Get It Back

Who do you turn to when your life is in chaos? God is the only one who can supply all of your needs. 2 Kings 4

If You See Something, Say Something

You can’t afford to stay silent. Cry out to the God who will hear and care about your situation. Matthew 15

God Wants You Healed

It is not in God’s plan for you to be sick. Claim the healing that belongs to you today. John 5

Protect Your Ideas In Their Infancy

Learn how to keep your dreams protected from those who will try to crush them. Birth what God has given you.

From Tears To A Testimony

God is the only who’s able to turn your mourning into dancing. He’s got a plan for your pain. Psalm 30