A Prayer For Peace & Affirmation

Learn how to pray your way to a peaceful life. Don’t let the chaos around you keep you from experiencing the God within you.

A Prayer of Hope

Pray your today into a better tomorrow. We all need to keep hope alive.

A Prayer of Encouragement

Pray this prayer to lift you up and get your life back on track.

A Prayer Before The Everlasting Fountain

Watch this prayer from the late Rev. Gardner C. Taylor

Dear God, If You Please

Watch this powerful prayer as it articulates the pain of black America.

ROHO Prayer: A Prayer for Our Nation

Father God, in Jesus’ Name, Your Word says that all authority comes from You. Even when things look like they are out of control, or when we don’t agree with our leaders, help me remember that You are always in control. As Samuel wrote in the Book of Proverbs, You hold the hearts of our rulers […]

ROHO Prayer: When You Feel Like Giving Up…

Father God, in Jesus’ Name, I know my times are in Your Hands. Just like Jeremiah, Esther, David, and Jesus, I know You’ve called me for such a time as this. Please help me to remain strong in You, and to be steadfast and patient no matter how tired I become. When I feel like […]