When We Silence God

By Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith              It hardly seems possible, that we, who cry out for God in our moments of pain and confusion, silence God.   The late Rabbi Abraham Heschel, who walked with Dr. King during the Civil Rights Movement, writes in his essay, “God Is Not […]

When We Let God In

By Rev. Susan Smith When you search for me, you will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart. I will let you find me, says the Lord, and I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven […]

When We Are Brought to Utter Yielding

By Rev. Susan Smith             In talking about how a person without God is a “seed upon the wind,” the late Howard Thurman makes an observation, that people with God are actually seeds upon the wind. We struggle to be in right relationship with God, and it requires what Thurman says is “the commitment, the yielding to God at […]

Home for the Holidays Thanks to Bail Reform

By Rev. Willie Francois Millions of Americans celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday gathered around the dinner table, carving stuffed turkeys, and highlighting their appreciations. Thanks to bail reform in New Jersey, this Thanksgiving introduced a sacred season of remembrance and sharing with thousands more New Jerseyans at home with their loved ones instead of awaiting trial behind […]

What Makes You Come Alive?

By: Rev. Susan K. Smith In an article about Colin Kaepernick which appeared in GQ, Christopher Petrella, a writer and scholar at Bates College, quoted the late Howard Thurman, who said, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive?” The question struck a chord. For many reasons, too many of us […]

The Path of the Familiar

By Rev. Susan K. Smith Dr. Martin Luther King said, many years ago, that the “giant triplets” of racism, materialism and militarism” were “strangling the soul of America.” A year later, he was gunned down in Memphis, his voice forever stilled, but it occurred to me that he was walking down a path of the […]

The Power of the Little Things

  By Rev. Dr. Susan Smith   We often do not understand how it is “the little things” that make the biggest impact on the lives of people around us. Those “little things” can be positive or negative; words, gestures, attitudes, body language …all of them count. That we do not appreciate their power is […]

Loving God Enough to Love Ourselves

                                                                                By Rev. Dr. Susan Smith We are so driven by how we have grown up; […]

The Fine Art of Self-Forgiveness

  by Rev. Dr. Susan Smith  It is one thing to forgive another person for a wrong done to you, but it is quite another to forgive oneself for the wrongs all of us as human do. A person who lives in his or her guilt is a tormented soul. The memory of the offense […]