What Mediation Can Do For You

by Misha Palmer Imagine being urged to mediate for a minimum of 20 minutes every day. If you’re like me you’re probably asking yourself, when?  Exactly when should I put my lengthy to-do list aside and just sit and be still? Especially when there’s already not enough time in the 24 hours we’re allotted. Between […]

Be Whole, Be Holy

by Min. Andre Gilford As a child, the world is our oyster. We touch, we feel, we see everything. Nothing is out of our reach. We go around the world searching. Discovering. Seeking. Then, finding. Every moment of our young lives is spent trying to learn something new. We are open to the world of […]

To Be a Coffee Bean

by Rev. Dr. Susan Smith I listened to a presentation given by a young man who took some wrong turns in his life, was sentenced to what was virtually a life sentence in prison, but who got out after seven years. He was a drug addict who had gotten into criminal behavior in order to […]

God is Waiting to Help

by Min. Andre Gilford From: Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series Read: Mark 5: 21-43 Watch: Living Between Pessimism and Possibility There are moments in life where one is pushed to the brink. One may have tried every possible option and failed each time. One may have asked every possible person for assistance, yet […]

Are You Faced With Starting Over? It’s OK!

by Misha Palmer Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where you thought you had everything figured out? And although life may not be 100% perfect, you’ve somehow managed to land the job you’ve always wanted.  You’ve been able to keep your bank account thriving and in the black.  You’re credit score […]

Look to God for Help

by Min. Andre Gilford From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series Read: Genesis 32:14 Watch: Lord, Don’t Leave Me Like This I’m typically the type of person who does not like to ask for help. I could be completely clueless on what I am doing, yet my pride will not let me give in […]

Soul Poverty

by Dr. Susan Smith I read in Lisa Sharon Harper’s book, The Very Good Gospel: How Everything Wrong Can Be Made Right that people in Haiti are so poor that they eat mud. Specifically, she writes, “To get by, the poorest of the poor have taken to eating mud. Patties made of mud, oil and […]

Rise Above: Love!

by Min. Andre Gilford From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series Read: 1 Peter 3:8-9 Watch: I Am A Lover by Pastor Cynthia Hale Love changes people. It is that one emotion that can set people free. Most people seek love for validation of their identity, granting permission for them to be what they […]

Strip Me, Oh Lord

by Min. Andre Gilford  From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series Read: Hebrews 12:1 Watch: I Just Wanna See You Stripped by Dr. Brianna Parker The other day, one of my high school students got up to run out of the classroom. With speed I had never seen in my life, he bolted out […]

Let Us Love Each Other Through Fellowship

From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series by Min. Andre Gilford Read: Acts 2:46-47 Watch: The Fruitfulness of Fellowship by Pastor Alyn Walker Well-seasoned crab legs and slow-smoked barbecue ribs spread out on the table. Old school music filling the tree-lined atmosphere. Laughter and chatter competing with each other. This was my family reunion […]