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Roho, the hub for Christian content is steadily thriving online as the premier go-to space for ministers and Christian leaders of the African-American community looking to share their sermons with the masses beyond those in their immediate congregation.  Much like many other popular networking sites, Roho proves to create a spiritual community for pastors and worshippers to connect way beyond the pulpit.

With over 7 million sermons already viewed since the site’s inception, it has solidified its place on the internet as the go-to for all spiritual and worship needs in between, as well as in conjunction with regular church visits—making joining the community a no-brainer for all Christian leaders striving to spread their word of inspiration with faith driven messages.

Roho sets out to not only enhance every pastors ministry, but to help further gain followers looking to take their Christian experience to the next level of discipleship.  With social media and web access readily at everyone’s fingertips via today’s countless mobile devices, anyone is able to connect with a spiritual leader on the go, creating opportunities for supplementary worship.

The site gives pastors an easy way to keep up with the fast pace of technology.  And with prices starting at $100 a month, pastors are finding an affordable and innovative way to reach a new generation of members. The integrated software used, allows for a curated worship experience for readers and viewers at all times.  Worship goes beyond sitting in the service; parishioners and Christians not only want to feel inspired one day of the week.  Roho allows for every pastor to further and continue their ministries beyond their Sunday sermons and provide their messages 24/7.

It has been said that many people shy away from becoming members of a church because they’re unable to attend regularly.  With Roho at the helms of changing how the ministry is being carried out, one no longer has to feel the guilt of not going on Sunday—imagine joining a ministry you never have to physically attend.  
“I want to grow as a Christian and become a better man. I’m focused on building my future and being in fellowship with Christians both men and women my age. With my busy work schedule, Roho provides an opportunity for me to stay connected with God when I can’t make it to service on Sunday or when I have to miss church social events. Roho helps me stay connected and inspired.” Says Lee Thomas, a 32 year old Washington, DC professional.


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