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Pay Day Is On The Way

When God made us He made us special and had us in mind. We should first and foremost think about what God was doing and stop worrying about our enemies. Psalm 23

Positive Ways to Deal with Overwhelming Stress

by Misha Palmer At some point in our lives we have all experienced some sort of stress, whether simple or life changing, we’ve all had to deal with it – in some ways it’s apart of life.  Some of us have actually mastered getting through the spurts of tough times.  And the rest of us […]

Daily Devotion – September 7, 2017

Morning Motivation: Don’t trip over haters. It’s not your fault that people are jealous. You should never apologize for your favor. Read: Genesis 50:19-20: And Joseph said unto them, Fear not: for am I in the place of God? But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to […]

Daily Devotion – September 6, 2017

Morning Motivation: God’s silence shouldn’t cause confusion. A Silent Saturday led to a great Sunday. Learn to wait without worrying. ROHO Sermon: Read: Matthew 28:16-19: Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them. And when they saw him, they worshipped him: but some doubted. And Jesus came and spake […]

There’s A Story Behind My Praise

Don’t worry about people who judge your worship. They don’t understand the testimony that gave birth to your praise. Psalm 118

I’ll Die Believing

If you hold on to your identity you won’t have to worry about what your enemies call you. God’s grace and power will keep you going. Daniel 3

Learn Ways to De-Clutter and Add a Little Peace To Your Life

by Misha Palmer Is your life in complete disarray? Perhaps you’re constantly finding yourself feeling agitated, confused and unable to make simple everyday decisions. If so, you are not alone. Many of us often find ourselves in sunken places of disharmony with piles of stuff –physically and mentally—just falling on top of us. We find […]

Recover All

From Amazing Grace – The ROHO Devotional Series Read: 1 Samuel 30:8, 18-19 Watch: And David Recovered It All by Bishop G.E. Patterson I’m tired of things that I care about being taken away from me. These are the things for which God has blessed me to possess: my mind, my heart, my life, and […]

Do You Still Believe?

Learn how to wait on God without worrying about the outcome of your situation. Your faith is too valuable to let go of. John 11

See The Weakness, Refuse The Weight

Learn how to stare your anxiety in the face and boldly hold on to your joy no matter what you’re facing. Your worry ends today. Philippians 4