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ROHO Is Transforming Lives By Giving Believers Biblical Truth

Roho, is a Christian app connecting believers to Biblical truth that directly applies to all areas of their lives. People come to Roho, because it’s a trusted space for guidance when it comes to finances, relationships, health and life purpose. The Roho user is receiving easily accessible sermons, weekly devotionals and prayers that speak to […]

Roho Is Connecting A Global Community Of Believers

Imagine a global community of Christians serving God together, this is Roho, a Christian app connecting believers from across the world. This app makes hearing a sermon from Michael Waldron of First Corinthians Church in Harlem possible for someone living in L.A. or a powerful message from Dharius Daniels of the Change Church in New Jersey accessible […]

People Are Turning To Roho For Christian Relationship Advice

Roho is a religious app making daily sermons and devotionals easily accessible. The digital ministry provides a trusted space for people to share both their needs and testimonies. Relationship guidance is one of the number one reasons users come to Roho. They want a holistic perspective when it comes to their marriage and dating, as well as insights […]

Women Are Turning To Roho For Daily Ministry That Directs Their Lives

Leading women of the faith such as Minister Marissa Farrow, Lisa Weah and Eboni Turman are turning to Roho, a Christian app to share the Word beyond their local congregations. Their timely sermons are helping women understand and apply the Word of God to everyday life situations. Since Roho’s inception three years ago, it has become a […]

When We Let God In

By Rev. Susan Smith When you search for me, you will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart. I will let you find me, says the Lord, and I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven […]

The Fine Art of Self-Forgiveness

  by Rev. Dr. Susan Smith  It is one thing to forgive another person for a wrong done to you, but it is quite another to forgive oneself for the wrongs all of us as human do. A person who lives in his or her guilt is a tormented soul. The memory of the offense […]

To Be a Coffee Bean

by Rev. Dr. Susan Smith I listened to a presentation given by a young man who took some wrong turns in his life, was sentenced to what was virtually a life sentence in prison, but who got out after seven years. He was a drug addict who had gotten into criminal behavior in order to […]

4 Relationship Tips We Can Learn From Jay-Z & Beyoncé

by Misha Palmer Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z and his superstar wife Beyoncé have proved that they are indeed force to be reckoned with in the music industry. They have not only managed to capitalize on their talents, but they have created an empire large enough to sustain their children and their children’s children. The two have […]

We Are Family

“We Are Family,” a song made popular in 1979 by the hit group, Sister Sledge, pays homage to strong family values and the appreciation of close-knit family. This particular song created an air of euphoria and for those of us that sang alongside Sister Sledge – we identified with family through their lyrics. It’s no secret […]