Leader Of The Faith: 7 Things You Need To Know About Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker

Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker, was an integral part of Harlem’s religious community and a key leader in the Civil Rights Movement. He was essentially Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s right hand man. Walker helped King to strategize around the movement and provided him with spiritual counseling. We rounded up some key facts about Rev. Walker. 

1. Wyatt Tee Walker stood on the frontlines of the Civil Rights Movement, as a spiritual advisor to Martin Luther King, Jr. 

2. He was leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference three years after the civil rights organization was founded.

3. He led a “Pilgrimage of Prayer” in Richmond against school segregation on New Year’s Day in 1959.

4. He was one of seven Black leaders and four white clergymen arrested in Montgomery, Alabama while trying to eat together at a bus station.

5. While Martin Luther King Jr. and others were jailed in Birmingham, Walker helped King assemble his famous “Letter From A Birmingham Jail.”

6. Walker was a leader in the U.S. movement against the South African apartheid. 

7. Walker was pastor of Harlem’s Canaan Baptist Church from 1968 until his retirement.

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