7 Sermons To Help You Step Into Your Purpose

There are a lot of things that can prevent us from stepping fully into the purpose and plan that God has for our lives, whether we are clinging to un-forgiveness, lusting after the things of the world or giving into fear. God wants you to trust Him as you step into your purpose. We rounded up some powerful sermons to help you fully embrace God’s purpose for your life.

1. God can’t move you into your purpose until you are ready to accept God’s forgiveness. Learn how to finally get over the messiness of your past.

Reading: Luke 9

2. You already have what it takes to defeat any giant in your life. Learn how to use your gifts to get your victory.

Reading: 1 Samuel 17

3. Don’t be content with the labels that the devil has put on you. Learn how to envision greater things for yourself and live beyond what people call you.
Reading: 1 Chronicles 4

4. You can choose to go half way or walk completely in your purpose. Have you fully committed your life to God’s will in your life?

Reading: 1 Kings 19

5. It doesn’t matter what you did or the mistakes you’ve made our God is able to radically reset your life.

Reading: Acts 9

6. God will regulate your pace and stop you when you don’t stop yourself. Let God restore you so that you can progress to a higher elevation.

Reading: Psalm 23

7. Your faith should remind you that it’s time for action. How long are you going to make God wait for you to wake up?

Reading: Psalm 27

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