7 Sermons On What It Means To Experience Deliverance

You no longer have to be enslaved by sin! God went to the cross to pay the price for your sins so that we can experience deliverance and walk in His freedom. We rounded up seven sermons on what it means to experience deliverance:

1.Sometimes there are moments when we feel with are stuck and need God’s delivering power. It is appropriate to cry out to God for help.

Reading: Jonah 1

2. Thank God that your last attack was not permanent. The only reason you have a new attack is because you have a history of survival.

Reading: John 12

3. Everything that uses God’s language isn’t on God’s side. Learn how to improve your spirit of discernment.

Reading: Acts 16

4. Learn how to get the anointing and the power you need to overcome your enemies. God has placed untapped power inside of you.

Reading: 1 Chronicles 14

5. As long as you remain comfortable in your situation your situation won’t change. When you don’t react you remain a victim.

Reading: Matthew 11

6. You have to decide that your blessing is worth reaching for. Don’t delay your deliverance. Get your breakthrough today.

Reading: Mark 5

7. How long will you allow what God did not ordain to live in your life?

Reading: Mark 5

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