6 Sermons To Help You View Your Marriage And Singleness From A Godly Perspective

God constantly shows us His love unconditionally, even when we are being unlovable. The sovereignty of His love is manifested throughout creation. God wants you to know that you are loved both in your marriage and in your singleness. We rounded up 6 sermons to help you navigate through whatever relationship status you might find yourself in.


1.Learn how to tell if he or she is the right one. Get a relationship ordained by God.

Reading: 1 Corinthians 7

2. God did not put us here to be alone. Learn how to successfully navigate through your singleness.

Reading: Genesis 2

3. Here is how to go about pursuing a potential partner?

Reading: Song of Solomon 2


4. God created marriage to show his love towards mankind. Learn what God thinks of marriage.

Reading: Genesis 1:26-28

5. At some point in your marriage there will be disagreement. Here’s how to handle conflict resolution.

Reading: Song of Solomon

6. You need to put up with your partner just as God puts up with you. Don’t live with a payback mentality because forgiveness still works.

Reading: 1 Corinthians 7


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