Don’t Let It Bring You Down| Hope R. Carter

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Ships are huge, majestic vessels. Judging from how large they are, it’s a wonder they can float and carry people, cars, and even large pieces of military equipment from one side of the world to the other. The way ships work and move through the water is by displacing what is in front of them and all around them – water – and pushing past them. But we know from history that sometimes, something malfunctions and that no longer works. When there is a hole in the ship, or it crashes into something, the water is no longer displaced by the ship but gets inside of it, causing the ship to sink.

That’s how it can be with us. We know who we are in Christ. The Bible tells us very clearly that we are God’s children, we are bought with a great price, and we are His greatest creation. So why do we let mere people’s words or the things that happen to us dictate who we are and what we can and cannot do? People can say whatever they want, things that we do not like will happen to us; we cannot stop that. The problem is when we let those things get inside of us.

It is human nature to be jealous, to wish we were in some else’s place. When that happens, people can say some mean things, or fail to wish others well. What we need to do when others are doing that to us is displace their opinions are replace them with what God says about us. It is normal to go through the trials of life, but we cannot wallow in our misfortunes – we have to replace those negative thoughts and counter those events with the promises of God. In Acts 3, a paralyzed man asks Peter for money, but Peter heals the man in the Name of Jesus, instead. You see, Peter did not want the man to sit there and be sad any longer. Peter knew that instead of accepting his situation and begging, the man would be better off picking himself up and living a full life.

Pick yourself up today. You don’t have to accept what life throws at you.

Don’t let words and negative experiences get inside of you. Replace them with the Truth of the Word of God and start living your fullest life!

Today’s Sermon: “Still I Rise’’ by Rev. Reginald Sharpe

Hope Carter
Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Hope R Carter is a contributing writer for several Web sites, host of her own podcast, and the content curator for ROHO.
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