5 Sermons To Help You Get Ready To Receive God’s Abundance!

Spring is on the way and with it comes a season of blooming, as we stand in faith for God’s abundant blessings. Get ready for what God is going to do in this season by shaking off any doubt you might have of His power. We rounded up 5 sermons to help you experience the abundance of God in your life.

1.Dr. Otis Moss III puts some historical context into how we’ve seen the sovereignty of God demonstrated throughout history, just as John the Baptist prepared the way. God has and continues to build bridges for us to make it through to the other side.

Reading: Mark 1

2. When your turn to God it doesn’t matter what situation you are in, what used to be or what labels people put on you. God can transform everything for the better.

Reading: 2 Samuel 9

3. When God made us He made us special and had us in mind. We should first and foremost think about what God was doing and stop worrying about our enemies.

Reading: Psalm 23

4. When God’s people reflect the nature and the character of God, the nations are going to turn and call you blessed. You need a generous spirit.

Reading: Romans 8

5. You may lose a lot of things in life, but you should never lose your faith. Learn how to seize the next big thing God is doing in your life.
Joshua 18

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