5 Sermons To Help You Experience The Transformation That Comes From Knowing Christ

As we prepare for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ Easter Sunday we think about the price Christ paid on the cross so that we no longer are bound by sin. We now have the gift of repentance, which allows for transformation. We rounded up 5 sermons to help you navigate through what it means to fully experience a renewed and transformed life.

When struggles of life get stale and depressing know you can turn to God to get the transformation you need. It won’t always be like this.

Reading: Matthew 13

It doesn’t matter what you did or the mistakes you’ve made our God is able to radically reset your life.

Reading: Acts 9

Transformation isn’t just about a change of appearance. Learn how to completely shake off your past and be renewed inside and out.

Reading: Ephesians 4

You need character that will positively affect the environment around you.

Reading: Isaiah 41

God’s about to flip the script on your situation and turn your whole life around. Time to get ready for transformation.

Reading: Luke 16

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